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Test run (Open)

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Test run (Open) Empty Test run (Open)

Post by Nathanial Schram on Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:55 pm

It was time to storm the gates. In a manner of speaking, of course. Nathaniel's plan had been brewing for some time, but he'd been hoping to find some sort of accomplice. However, everyone else had been dreadfully hard to either find or convince. He knew Ellen would do it in a heartbeat, but he didn't want to get her into trouble. So he couldn't ask her. No, he just had to do this on his own. Nervously, a finger traced around the collar of the blue polo he wore. He'd been watching the gates for over a week, watching for the best way to sneak through, and he figured he had it now. The guards were much more vigilant when it was large groups of kids going through the gates, and he'd seen several people stopped and removed from the group they'd snuck into, thinking it would render them safe. Nathan was simply going to boldly walk up to the gates, and then through. He just had to time it right.

It was ballsy, that was given, but really, what other choice did he have? He wanted outside the gates, and this was the best plan to make that happen. So, he just had to act confident, and hope that it worked. Slowly, Nathaniel made his way from the main building and across the grounds of St. Christina's, and over to the gates. He stopped a few feet back, studying the guards that were working today, seeing if they knew him. If they did, there was no chance of him even attempting his mini-escape. That would be stupid. No, it would be much better for his test run if it was staff that he wasn't familiar with. He had to make sure that everything was going in his favor before he sauntered up to the gates and through them. He refused to go off half-cocked on this little adventure.

Once he was sure it was safe, Nate cleared his throat, slicked his palms over dark brown hair and then made sure his shirt was tucked neatly into his jeans. A deep breath lent him courage and he started towards the gate, trying to look confident, and hoping that he'd get through free and clear. Inside his head was a constant refrain. Please don't stop me, please don't stop me.
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