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The Candyman Can (Open)

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The Candyman Can (Open) Empty The Candyman Can (Open)

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:26 am

Strolling down the streets of downtown, Sophie was focused on kicking a rock in short bursts down the sidewalk. Her blanket was knotted securely around her waist like an odd knitted sarong, and she paid no mind to how bizarre it looked over her denim overalls and polo shirt. As she kicked, she watched the swish of her blanket as it moved around her legs, and lost herself to the repetitive motions. Step, step, kick, swish, step kick, swish, step, step, kick, swish. People walked around her, avoided her path as she kicked her little rock down the walkway. When she reached what she considered to be the edge of town, she step-step-kick-swished around the corner and down the next street.

Paying all her attention to her self and the rock, she didn't notice the looks she got from the residents of Green Ridge. She didn't care. Today was a day to ignore her algebra exam, her english test, and the fact that she couldn't spell any of the countries that had been on her Geography test earlier that day. It was a Friday afternoon, and she could spend all afternoon kicking this rock all over town if she chose. However, fate had other plans, and one over zealous kick sent her rock straight into the street. Looking forlornly at it, she wondered how safe it would be to go and get it. She looked up the street, no cars. Turning to look the other way, there were also no cars. Logically, she could go out into the street and get her rock without a problem, but something told her that the moment she stepped foot off the curb, rush hour would start. Shrugging, she turned back to the side walk and looked up at where she was. A candy store. A god-sent toy and candy store.

The familiar tingle-ring of brass bells invited Sophie into the wonderland of toys and candy. The selection was nothing like the shop back home, but to her, it was like the sight of a six course buffet to a starving hobo. She had finished off her last shipment of sweets shortly before the move, and hadn't had much since. The bright lollipops and stick candy shined in their plastic wrappers. The chocolates sat, gingerly wrapped in papers, in pretty boxes, waiting for that special someone. The licorice sticks were bundled up next to the chewing toffees and caramels. Her mouth drooled at the sight of all of it, her eyes wide like a child at christmas. Digging into her pocket, she pulled out the little bit of money she had and quickly did the math in her head. She had to be frugal, so no chocolates. Chocolates went too quickly. Taffy was good, and would last a while, so would a lollipop. Candied nuts and crystalized fruits were really good, but she wasn't in the mood for something good for her. Five minutes later and five dollars poorer, Sophie hopped out of the shop with a little brown paper bag with some well earned candy. She was so excited she hopped right into some poor pedestrian.

"Oh! I'm sorry, are you okay?" Holding a hand out to steady the poor soul she'd run into, Sophie quickly apologized. "I'm so so sorry, I just wasn't watching where I was going, are you okay? Do you need to sit down? I didn't step on you did I? Oh I'm so so sorry."


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The Candyman Can (Open) Empty Re: The Candyman Can (Open)

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:28 pm

Lily was on a hunt. A hunt for something to take her mind off her terrible situation. Maybe she could find a good book, or, if she was lucky, someplace that sold cigarette lighters. Either way, just being away from St. Christina's did her mind wonders. There was something about the place that just made her feel trapped. Maybe it was the giant fence surrounded the perimeter, or maybe it was just the general feeling that she was constantly being watched. Whatever the case may be, Lily was just glad to be allowed away from the crazy house.

Unfortunately, this town wasn't anything special. A couple shops, a decent beach, but that was about it. There couldn't be more than a hundred people on the whole island, certainly not enough of a crowd to get lost in.

Lily contemplated getting lost, simply disappearing into the landscape like some sort of Hatchet wannabe. But alas, her survival skills (at least when it came to surviving in the wilderness) left something to be desired. So instead, she resigned herself to a life in a white padded room with medicine shoved down her throat five times a day, and all for lighting a goddamn match.

Fuck, she couldn't get away from the crazies anywhere, could she. Even in town, they came out of the woodwork. Here she was, just walking down the sidewalk, and some simple looking girl with a blanket tied around her hips practically knocked her over, then immediately had a panic attack.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Lily insisted, shoving the girl away. "Just, just quit touching me." She gave herself a quick once-over, readjusting her skewed shirt, though there was honestly little wrong with it. The motion, however, seemed like an appropriate thing to do. "It's fine, really."


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