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Eevie Hamilton

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Eevie Hamilton Empty Eevie Hamilton

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:42 am

Eevie Hamilton Stchristinaslogobase
-Patient Admission Form-

Please use blue or black ink when filling out this admission form. Additional information from all but the patient must be initialed by the author. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. For further information or guidance, please contact a member of St. Christina staff at the number provided
in our guide brochure.


Eevie Hamilton ScreenShot2011-08-20at041533

Patient Full Name: HAMILTON, EEVIE

Age: 16
DOB: 04/28/1995
Gender: Female
Address: 19 Castor Avenue
City: Franklin
State: New Hampshire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'5ft
Weight: 116lbs
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinguishing Marks: Both ear lobes are pierced. On her left forearm there is a scar in the shape of a very basic flower, a constant reminder of the only time she ever self harmed.


Medical History:

My name is Dominic Hill. I am Eevie's foster father and acting guardian. I will be filling in her application as she kept scribbling drawings of flowers and smiley faces on the previous form

Please list any and all allergies and age of onset below:
She has no known allergies at this time.

Are you aware of any ongoing medical issues?:

If yes, list age of diagnoses by medical professionals, or age of onset below:

If you are receiving treatment for an ongoing medical complaint, please list prescriptions, strength of dose, frequency of dose, and other treatment plans below:

Do you smoke tobacco, consume alcohol, or use street drugs? If yes, please list number of packs per day, number of drinks per day and/or names of consumed drugs below:
I have caught her drinking vodka or under the influence of alcohol countless times now. I don't know how much she has consumed on each occasion. However, she has barely been able to walk at times. I'm unaware how she got in the possession of alcohol. I can only assume people have given her it while she has been out.


Psychiatric History:

Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric issues? If so, please list diagnoses and age of diagnoses below:
At age 13, shortly before she came to us; she was diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder. Along with that, personally I suspect that she suffers from depression. However I am no medical expert, of course. When she was 15, she used a pair of scissors to cut into her arm. When the blood stopped we noticed that she had cut a flower in her arm. After that we took her to a doctor again and he blamed it on her Schizotypal Personality Disorder. In my mind a massive misdiagnosis. At that point her medication dosage was increased. We were also concerned about her weight because she is so skinny, however numerous doctors have assured us that she is several pounds above what is considered to be an anorexic weight.

If you answered yes to the above, please list any and all prescriptions, including dosage and frequency of dosage, and other treatment plans below:
Ever since her initial diagnosis, she has been on Risperidone. She took it orally, 3mg twice daily. I saw to it personally that she never missed a single dosage. After she self harmed, her doctor increased it to 5mg. However me and my wife don't think the medication is effective.

If you answered yes to the above, please describe your feelings, symptoms, triggers and any incidents associated with the diagnoses, such as outbursts, suicide attempts or any other signs of non-typical behaviors, and approximate ages of incidents below:
Ever since she's been with us, Eevie has always seemed like she was 'spaced out' in a sense. She would always ramble on about things that were irrelevant to the conversation. Because of her disorder, she isn't that popular at school. She goes out as much as the usual person, but on several occasions I secretly watched her interact with her friends and it always seemed as though she was thought of as a novelty. One one occasion she stood up on a local park bench, with her hands in the air and danced around. Her friends laughed at her, however I noticed she can't differentiate the difference between people laughing with her and laughing at her. On several occasions, due to her disorder. She has greeted strangers by trying to kiss them on the lips. And as I said previously when she was 15 she self harmed. Twice, once when she was 14 and another only several months ago, I have had to climb up to our roof and remove her. Both times she said she was waiting on 'people from a far away happy place' to take her away.

Have you ever been hospitalized for these diagnoses? If yes, please provide facility name(s) and age of admissions and discharges as well as what diagnoses you were you hospitalized for, or what incidents lead to hospitalization:
The only time she has been hospitalized was when she cut herself. It was only an overnight stay at Franklin Regional Hospital. She was under observation the whole time.

Are you aware of a history of psychiatric complaints in your family? If yes, please list family member(s), diagnoses, and how this affected you personally:
As far as we are aware there is no history of any mental illness in her family. However, with the situation that resulted in Eevie coming to us, I am not sure. I will elaborate on this later in the section about her general life up until now.


Environmental History:

Are you aware of any complications during your birth? If yes, please explain below:
No, it was a perfectly normal birth.

Are you aware of any difficulties in development during your infancy, such as learning disabilities, speech impediments, etc? If yes, please explain below:
As far as we aware, no.

Are you aware of any long term separation from your mother during your infancy? If yes, please explain below:
Not that we are aware of.

Please describe the location and environment in which you grew up. Please list town and state, and what it was like and how this affected you:
She was born and raised in Boston. Until shortly after she came to live with us we moved to Franklin, New Hampshire. From what we have been told by friends of her parents. She grew up in a rather fine home. Her parents never fought and were generous as most parents. From a young age she was always a little strange. But everyone just assumed it was because her age and that she would grow out of it. Now she lives in a nice suburban neighborhood. Me and my wife have been married nearly 10 years and have barely raised our voices at each other. We take the best possible care of Eevie because we know she's different from other 16 year old girls.

Please describe your educational history. How were you in school, both as a young child and in later grades? How were your grades? Did you enjoy school? What was school socialization like? What were your academic strengths and weaknesses? Please answer below:
Eevie never did well in school. She has always been bad at concentrating on her work. In the past she has said many times that she doesn't like school and has ditched it several times. The teachers at her schools have all reported that she gets teased at school. But because of her disorder I doubt she can tell that they are mocking her.

Do/did you have many friends growing up? Do/did you have a best friend? If yes, please explain below:
Up until she came to us, I am unsure. Since then however, she does associate with a fair amount of people. As I said earlier, it appears as if they keep her around for the novelty factor. She will do things randomly and go off on rants about the most obscure things. I would rather not have her around them if that is the case. However, if being around them makes her happy then I won't take that away from her.

Do/did you pursue any extra curricular activities or talents? If yes, please explain below:
Two things she does regularly when in the house is write poems and draw/paint. She does these extremely well and are very impressive. Because of her vivid imagination she creates the most strangely beautiful works of art. Whether it be written or sketched. If it is at all possible I would like if it were possible for her to given access to the materials so she may continue this.

If sexually active, please list age of onset and sexual preference below. If not sexually active, are you aware of a sexual preference?:
Several months before she turned 16, while she was drunk. I was called to come pick her up from a house party that she had been invited to. When I arrived she wasn't outside so I went through the house (not the best move for her popularity I'll admit). After searching the entire house full of teens I couldn't find her. Then I searched the backyard and went around the side of the house and found her having sex with a boy against the side of the house. As far as I am aware there have been no other times. I believe the boy took advantage of her because of her disorder. I was going to report him to the police, but he was 16 and the penalty would not have been as severe as what he deserves. As for sexual preference, I've seen her kiss girls and boys. Whether out of attraction or because of her disorder I do not know.

Please explain a little about your overall life below. What circumstances do you feel have brought you to where you are now? How do you feel about those? Do you have any thing else to note about your life that you feel has had some bearing on your current situation? Please explain below:
As far as I am aware up until the age of 13 she had no significant events happen to her. However, when she was thirteen, her father murdered her mother and then killed himself; both using a handgun. It was Eevie that discovered them and went next door to the neighbor's house. She walked in, without knocking and said to her neighbor that her mommy and daddy wouldn't get up and make breakfast. Thinking that she meant out of bed, Margaret I believe her name was, took her back home and knocked the door. When there was no answer the two went inside and Margaret obviously knew what happened. The police inquiry ruled it as a simple murder suicide. I am not aware if it was mental illness that caused her father to do it. After that Eevie lived with her neighbor for a few days before being taken to a care home for a few weeks. Then we were called, we had put interest in having a foster child many times because we were unsuccessful in conceiving a baby. The second we saw Eevie we fell in love with her right away. Despite her disorder, she is an incredible girl. Since then we have tried to give her the love and support of real parents. It took a long time for her to settle in with us. Of course we let her keep her own name as she wished and out of respect for her parents.


Legal History:

Do/did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to prescription medications, street drugs or alcohol? If yes, please explain below:
As far as I know she has only drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes, however she may have taken other things when she was out.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction, age of conviction and circumstances below:
Even though she has done things underage, she has never been criminally convicted of them.

If you answered yes to the above, please list sentences connected to these convictions below:

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime for which you were not convicted or sentenced? If yes, please explain below:
The underage drinking, sex and smoking.


Personal Interview:

For this section I will read her the answers and transcribe her answers.

Describe yourself to the best of your ability in only five words:
Super Rainow Pirate Ninja Monkey

You come across a glass of water. The total volume of water in the glass constitutes half of its total capacity. Is the glass half empty, or half full? Explain your answer below:
If you stick your finger in it and look at it. It makes your finger look fat! It's weird. But then you take it out again and it's all better!

If you could change only one thing in your life, what would it be, and why?:
That everyone knew about the magic people! Then they would come here sooner!

The magic people are aliens, she believes that they will come and make everybody happy when they arrive here.

How do you feel about your life and the things you have done in it, looking back? If you have committed crimes, how do you feel about those now?:
It's super! I like that my room is pink, it's such a nice looking pink! Sometimes when I point my mirror this one way, it makes a circle on the wall and it looks white. I don't like that as much.

What are your goals in life, and how do you feel those would be best accomplished?:
I'm going to be a pirate! And sail the seven seas and make people walk the plank! Or maybe I could paint some pretty pictures for people. I dunno!

Lastly, why have you chosen admission at St. Christina Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, and how do you think this will help you toward your life goals?:
I dunno! I hope the people there are nice! Happy people make me happy!

Since this was my wife and I's decision, I shall answer this. My wife and I had our first biological child 2 months ago. And since we have had him, we feel like we cannot give Eevie the proper amount of care that she needs and deserves. We feel that it is in her best interest to come here. Where she can be looked after and cared for. When we ask what she thinks about it, she says that she hopes that magical people will be there. It hurts that because of her disorder she doesn't know how strongly we feel for her, but this is what is best for Eevie.


Patient/Guardian Signature:

    By agreeing to admission to our facilities, you hereby agree to abide by all rules and terms of service outlined in patient or resident handbooks, rules and codes of conduct. You hereby agree to waive your right to voluntary dismissal from our facilities until such a time as facility administrators sign paperwork for your release. You hereby agree to comply with facility staff recommendations, demands, or outlines for treatment. You hereby waive your right to informed medical consent before medication changes or medical procedures. You hereby agree to waive your right to hold GR Biotech and its Subsidiaries responsible for any personal harm or distress incurred during treatment. GR Biotech and its Subsidiaries reserve the right to add or amend these terms of service at any time.

Please sign and date below:

    Dominic Hill 20/08/2011

St. Christina Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center & St. Christina Medical Center are Subsidiaries of GR Biotech. All rights reserved ® 2011

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