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I am swordfish. Watch me swim! (Chris)

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I am swordfish. Watch me swim! (Chris) Empty I am swordfish. Watch me swim! (Chris)

Post by Kohaku Honda on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:50 am

Kohaku felt like an idiot. He spent all this time being bored out of his skull and pining for a gym on the island... when Sea Breeze Apartments happened to have a gym right under his very nose. He discovered it while he was doing his laundry and at the sight, actually dropped the basket and ran halfway to #121 only to run back, clean up the mess and continue what he was doing before... which was change and run to Sea Breeze's gym. Kohaku couldn't have asked for a better place to be- exercising is what he lived for outside of teaching. He ran on the treadmill for an hour or two, then did some conditioning... and then tried to think of what else he could do because he quickly grew bored of the many repetitions of crunches.

Mania had 'blessed' the already hyperactive Japanese man with racing thoughts, especially at such a time where he was pushing his body to the limit. His thoughts were paused to give room to new ideas- his brother Yuto always had to remind him to stay on track. 'Yeah, so this douchebag football player Rex Grant was like- Do you think there's anyone living in Antarctica right now?' 'Maybe researchers, Ko- stay on topic! What did Rex say?' 'Oh, well he was like, telling me to stay away from his- WAFFLES! YES! My waffles are finally done! Hello-o fluffy Eggo-y goodness!' 'KOHAKU!'

Kohaku admitted to himself that he missed his brother. Even after years of Kohaku trying to get Yuto to lighten up and Yuto trying to get Kohaku to straighten out, the two remained the way they were for the most part and remained as close as they could be. They both shared a room willingly until they moved out of the previous Honda household- their parents had moved from New York to Florida to compliment the hot weather mirroring in Japan, so none of the family members were currently in the house that they grew up in. Yuto was living in Colorado with his wife, Téa, and their soon-to-be baby boy or girl... and predictably, he was the more mature of the Honda twins. In comparison, Kohaku was terrified of commitment-

"Pool! That's right!"

Kohaku gave a rather loud exclamation to his epiphany, not paying attention to the weird looks he was getting, and made a beeline for #121 again to change into his swim trunks. He figured he'd take a shower after he was done swimming, because there wouldn't be a point to showering after the gym only to enter the pool. He may have acted stupid, but he certainly wasn't that stupid.

Not paying heed to the 'no running' policy that every community pool had, Kohaku cannon-balled as hard as he could into the deep end. He swam around for a few minutes, completely entertained, before he heard the door open.

"Hey!" Kohaku waved to the sound and smiled brightly, not actually looking at who he was waving and smiling to. "C'mon in! The water feels great after a workout!"

He could get used to this. Maybe that would be a routine- gym followed by pool. Then again, Kohaku hated routines because they were repetitive and repetition was boring. But he liked the event nonetheless.
Kohaku Honda
Kohaku Honda

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