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Elena Swift

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Elena Swift Empty Elena Swift

Post by Elena Swift on Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:24 am

Elena Swift Stchristinaslogobase
-Patient Admission Form-

Please use blue or black ink when filling out this admission form. Additional information from all but the patient must be initialed by the author. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. For further information or guidance, please contact a member of St. Christina staff at the number provided
in our guide brochure.


Elena Swift Cklfm

My name is Helen Brand, and I am Elena's foster carer. Where necessary, I have added details on this application.

Patient Full Name: Swift, Elena

Age: Fifteen and a half, just about.
DOB: 02/09/1996.
Gender: Female.
Address: 12 Park Avenue,
City: New Orleans,
State: Louisiana.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Height: 5"5, but I'm in the middle of a growth spurt.
Weight: 109 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown-ish.
Hair Color: Blonde-ish.
Distinguishing Marks: Nose, ears, lip and navel piercings, and a bracelet of stars around my left ankle, done by a friend who owns a tattoo place, about a year ago.

Elena, when questioned about the tattoos and piercings -all done at the same place, within a few weeks of each other- admitted that she gave her 'friend' sexual favors in return for the illegal tattooing.


Medical History:

Please list any and all allergies and age of onset below:
I don't know that I have any allergies. My father had a mild allergy to aspirin, but it was never confirmed that I inherited that. I generally try to stay away from it and other painkillers, anyway.

Are you aware of any ongoing medical issues?:

Elena has been tested with a positive result for the genetic disease that took her mother: Huntingtons Chorea. The symptoms began to develop in her mother at approximately age twenty-eight, and it is expected that Elena will also begin to develop symptoms in her onset. She does not accept that she has this condition.

If yes, list age of diagnoses by medical professionals, or age of onset below:

Four months ago (at age fourteen) it was decided that Elena should be allowed the test she had been asking for since her mothers death, two months before that.

If you are receiving treatment for an ongoing medical complaint, please list prescriptions, strength of dose, frequency of dose, and other treatment plans below:
No treatment needed.

There is no current treatment available, prior to symptoms appearing.

Do you smoke tobacco, consume alcohol, or use street drugs? If yes, please list number of packs per day, number of drinks per day and/or names of consumed drugs below:
I never smoked tobacco, aside from the usual drag of a friends smoke - which made me almost throw up coughing. I occasionally drink (not daily or anything, just whenever I can get my hands on it) and sometimes smoke pot or take other drugs, but it's not a regular thing - just if they're around, and I have any cash. I've taken quite a variety of street drugs...LSD, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and mushrooms, to my knowledge. The mushies were crap and the coke didn't do anything for me, though.

Elena, to our knowledge, does not drink too often, and does not smoke. (Her drinking would be on an average of once a fortnight - due to our family locking all alcohol away, it is hard for her to access any, although she has stolen some in the past.) However, she experiments with any drugs she can get her hands on, marijuana being a huge problem for her. Gradually, it has gotten worse, to the point where she has not gone more than a day without smoking in the last month - except the time she spent in hospital. She has a hidden stash, somewhere in the house, and will leave the house without permission. When we locked her in her room, Elena broke her bedroom window to climb out during the night, as she knew that we planned to keep her from accessing any marijuana during the following day.


Psychiatric History:

Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric issues? If so, please list diagnoses and age of diagnoses below:
Depression was diagnosed just a month ago, after I got myself landed in hospital. They said I had problems with drug abuse, as well.

If you answered yes to the above, please list any and all prescriptions, including dosage and frequency of dosage, and other treatment plans below:
I don't take any medication at the moment, nobody is going to drug me up against my will. I took Valium or something when I was an involuntary patient...they didn't tell me what it was, or if they did, I was fighting too hard to hear. Anyway, I don't take pills, unless they're...non-medicinal, I suppose you could say. They tried to make me for a while (grounding me if I wouldn't take them, hiding them in my food, threatening me with hospitalization) but I told the doctor that I'd kill myself if he made me take them, eventually. As in...they can hospitalize me for as long as they like, but I'll leave eventually, and that's when I said I'd do it. Besides, I used to hit whoever tried to make me take them, and would freak out a bit. I don't like taking medication, okay? I know I'm a blackmailing bitch.

As Elena wrote, she refuses to take any medication - reacting with violence if we try to force her, to the extent that we have given up the treatment for now, although her psychiatrist continues to work on her issues around medication. However, she was prescribed 20mg of Prozac, once a day.

If you answered yes to the above, please describe your feelings, symptoms, triggers and any incidents associated with the diagnoses, such as outbursts, suicide attempts or any other signs of non-typical behaviors, and approximate ages of incidents below:
I guess my feelings would be sadness. There's no trigger, really. I just always feel bad, and most days are pretty much the same. I've tried to kill myself twice, now. The first time I took a lot of pills (legal and otherwise) and ended up in hospital, a month ago, and then I cut my wrists the week after I got out...just seven days ago.

Elena has also had problems with self-harm, although she generally refuses to discuss these. These cuts are usually deep, on her thighs, upper-arms or wrists, and are self-treated - she won't let anybody touch them to bandage her up. As well as this, she doesn't eat well, smokes marijuana, refuses to do schoolwork and often refuses social interactions.

Have you ever been hospitalized for these diagnoses? If yes, please provide facility name(s) and age of admissions and discharges as well as what diagnoses you were you hospitalized for, or what incidents lead to hospitalization:
All at age fifteen, all at St. George's Hospital, Adolescent Mental Heath Unit. I wasn't hospitalized for a diagnosis, I just tried to off myself both times. Four weeks ago for taking a packet of aspirin, as well as smoking some weed, taking a pill of E and dropping acid. Trust me, that was one weird experience. I got released and then did it again, one week later, which pissed the nurses off somewhat, I'm sure. Anyway, that time I just cut my wrists. It would have worked if Helen -my foster mom- hadn't come forgotten her mobile phone when she went to the shops. She came back and found me. Ended up in hospital, same old story. I'm still technically a patient - I get to fill this out on day leave, how lucky am I?

Are you aware of a history of psychiatric complaints in your family? If yes, please list family member(s), diagnoses, and how this affected you personally:
I haven't seen my dad for about four years, since mom started getting really ill. As far as I know, though, he was just a douchebag - nothing official. My mom never had any mental health problems, until the late stages of her disease, and they're expected. It didn't really affect me; I knew she was going to go a bit crazy, when she got close to dying, so it was okay.

I believe that her mothers mental health problems -as a result of the final stages of Huntingtons- affected Elena much more than she cares to admit.


Environmental History:

Are you aware of any complications during your birth? If yes, please explain below:
All normal.

Are you aware of any difficulties in development during your infancy, such as learning disabilities, speech impediments, etc? If yes, please explain below:
No. I was a pretty normal kid, as far as I'm aware.

Are you aware of any long term separation from your mother during your infancy? If yes, please explain below:
Not that I know of. She was a good mom. She just didn't abandon me whenever she felt like it.

Please describe the location and environment in which you grew up. Please list town and state, and what it was like and how this affected you:
I grew up in New Orleans, LA. We were right in the Centre of the town, which was pretty great - could get to school easy, everything. It was me, my mom and my dad, until he ran off a few years ago, and we were all pretty happy. It was all good until I turned eleven, and dad left, and mom and I had to move to a small flat. And then, when I was fourteen, she started having to spend more and more time in hospital - by the time I was fifteen I'd all but stopped going to school, to spend time with her. Then she died, and I came to live with Helen and her husband Nick, and her two, very normal, teenage children in a lovely little neighborhood where nothing bad ever happens and it's all fucking perfect.

Elena ran out of the room after completing this section of the application, returning ten minutes later. I believe that she may have been crying in her bedroom; talking about her childhood and her mother tends to upset her, understandably. She denied having a negative reaction, however, claiming that she simply needed to use the toilet.

Please describe your educational history. How were you in school, both as a young child and in later grades? How were your grades? Did you enjoy school? What was school socialization like? What were your academic strengths and weaknesses? Please answer below:
I was okay at school. Never really loved it, but I attended and everything, at least until I got older. Always got B's, maybe C's, you know? Nothing terrible. It was all good until I hit my teens and stopped going - I wanted to spend time with my mom, not that the teachers understood that. I think, in the last five months, I've spent two full days at school. My grades have probably dropped a bit.

Do/did you have many friends growing up? Do/did you have a best friend? If yes, please explain below:
See the education bit above. Pretty much the same story, except with friends... Yes, I had friends. Then I changed those friends to a worse crowd who did drugs, became friends with them instead, then stopped attending school or even wanting to talk to them. None of them really got what it was like, after mom died. The person I'm probably closest to is Helen, just because she's fostered a legion of crazy kids and almost gets what it feels like, I suppose. But no, don't have a best friend, if you mean someone I wake up and think about, or look forward to seeing, or giggle on the phone to late at night.

Do/did you pursue any extra curricular activities or talents? If yes, please explain below:
This is the same old story, again and again... I used to be really into sports, especially track. I actually still run whenever I can, at least once around the block every day - it clears my mind. If anything makes me feel better, it's running and weed. Although not combined. You know the best thing? Running to my dealers place, smoking on the way back.

If sexually active, please list age of onset and sexual preference below. If not sexually active, are you aware of a sexual preference?:
You really want all the juicy details? I've been fucking since I was fourteen. Pretty regular, you know, maybe once a week; if a guy will give me drugs or money, I'll do him. One thing I don't do is stay and snuggle afterwards, though - I can't stand that crap. Anyway, I like guys. Girls have never done it for me, really.

Elena never stays out overnight, but will, instead of attending school, spend time with 'friends'. I have never found condoms or any evidence of birth control in her room, however, which is a worry; one that she refuses to talk to me about. Generally, though, she is open about her sexual activities - giving graphic details, if she is questioned.

Please explain a little about your overall life below. What circumstances do you feel have brought you to where you are now? How do you feel about those? Do you have any thing else to note about your life that you feel has had some bearing on your current situation? Please explain below:
My life is shit. I live with a foster family who blatantly hate me because they keep finding me half-dead or high or stealing their money. I ended up there because my mom died of a horrible, drawn-out disease, and I don't have any hope of getting out until I turn eighteen - and maybe not even then, if I get hospitalized. The only time I'm happy if when I'm smoking bud, and that doesn't make me feel that great anymore. If you had all that in your life, and could understand exactly how I feel the majority of the time, you would be desperate to off yourself as well - I promise you.


Legal History:

Do/did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to prescription medications, street drugs or alcohol? If yes, please explain below:
I smoke marijuana a lot, but I wouldn't say I abuse it. I could stop if I wanted to - and I know that sounds like a cliche, but it's true. I just don't want to, because...why would I? I'm pretty much smoking every day, now, but it's the only thing that makes me happy, at a bargain price - just one handjob, maybe more if my dealer's feeling mean. It's easy enough to get, so why the fuck would I stop?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction, age of conviction and circumstances below:
Never been caught, by the police, at least.

If you answered yes to the above, please list sentences connected to these convictions below:

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime for which you were not convicted or sentenced? If yes, please explain below:
I've stolen stuff before. I'm not proud of it, okay? I hate myself for it. But I'd do it again - I need money, and I'll go to any lengths to get it. It's just Helen and her family I steal off, at least until they realized - I was taking alcohol until that got locked away, and after that, all the money or things I could sell for money that were around the house. Once that all got hidden away, though...well, I'm selling weed now, to pay for my own weed. How fucked up is that?

Oh, yeah, and the drugs are illegal. As is the alcohol. And sex. Oops.


Personal Interview:

Describe yourself to the best of your ability in only five words:
Fucked-up, worthless, depressed, angry, suicidal.

You come across a glass of water. The total volume of water in the glass constitutes half of its total capacity. Is the glass half empty, or half full? Explain your answer below:
It's a fucking glass of water. I'd either drink it, or I wouldn't drink it, depending on my dehydration level at the time. There's nothing more to it.

If you could change only one thing in your life, what would it be, and why?:
My moms death. If that hadn't happened, I swear that I'd be completely happy.

How do you feel about your life and the things you have done in it, looking back? If you have committed crimes, how do you feel about those now?:
It was good until mom got ill, that's all I can say. After that, it's just been...five months since she died of hating life, and everything about it. I feel crap that I stole off the people that took me in, but I feel crap anyway, so what difference does it make? If there had been another way to get money, I would have taken it, but there wasn't. I didn't have a choice.

What are your goals in life, and how do you feel those would be best accomplished?:
If death doesn't count... I want to be happy. I want to take so much acid the whole world is different. I want to fall in love and be kissed in Paris by the Eiffel Tower, and I want to see the good parts of London from a tour bus and the bad parts from the friends I'll make there. I want to find a brand of chocolate that has the perfect sugar to cocoa ratio, and I want to break records in long-distance running. I want to get married and have kids and a house with the cliched white-picket fence, and maybe even a dog. I want to write and write and write an answer to this question, because I can think of a million things that I want to put down. But I know that I'm not going to do any of those, so why bother dreaming?

Lastly, why have you chosen admission at St. Christina Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, and how do you think this will help you toward your life goals?:
Because Helen asked me to fill this out, and I can't say no to her, after everything I've done. And because maybe, like she said, there might be a way to be happy again, and then I could achieve everything written above.


Patient/Guardian Signature:

    By agreeing to admission to our facilities, you hereby agree to abide by all rules and terms of service outlined in patient or resident handbooks, rules and codes of conduct. You hereby agree to waive your right to voluntary dismissal from our facilities until such a time as facility administrators sign paperwork for your release. You hereby agree to comply with facility staff recommendations, demands, or outlines for treatment. You hereby waive your right to informed medical consent before medication changes or medical procedures. You hereby agree to waive your right to hold GR Biotech and its Subsidiaries responsible for any personal harm or distress incurred during treatment. GR Biotech and its Subsidiaries reserve the right to add or amend these terms of service at any time.

Please sign and date below:

    Elena Swift 15/08/2011
    Helen Brand 15/08/2011

St. Christina Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center & St. Christina Medical Center are Subsidiaries of GR Biotech. All rights reserved ® 2011

Player Nickname: Amy.
Chatango Screename: CrazyCabbage.
Character Play-By Hannah Murray.

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Elena Swift Empty Re: Elena Swift

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:56 am


This application is currently pending. Below, you'll find the reasons for this pending notice. If you wish to continue the application process, please follow the points laid out below by a member of STC's staff.

  • First off, LA doesn't stand for Los Angeles, which is a city in California. New Orleans is in the state of Louisiana, which is abbreviated to "LA." If you could fix this, that would be great.
  • Even though the tattoo artist is a friend, it's illegal to tattoo or pierce minors without parental or guardian consent. He could lose his license for this, which seems a bit of a big risk for him to take. Also, why did her parents/guardians not press charges? Please either remove these, or provide a bit more explanation.
  • If she tried to commit suicide, why is she not being forced to take medication. Especially as a minor, she wouldn't have much choice in the matter and would likely be supervised, if not just kept in the hospital to make sure. Since she's a day patient, they would be monitoring her medication closely.


Please reply to this thread once you have edited your application, to let us know, and a member of STC's staff will review your application again at our next possible convenience..

This app was reviewed by: Admin Ghost.


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Elena Swift Empty Re: Elena Swift

Post by Elena Swift on Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:47 am

Application edited!
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Elena Swift Empty Re: Elena Swift

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