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It finally happened

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It finally happened Empty It finally happened

Post by Nevaeh Valentine on Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:29 am

Characters: Niall Young, Hope Lysander, Evan Jennings, Quinn Strickland, Nevaeh Valentine, Leslie Nakhimov

Dates:16 August – 31 August 2011
Reason: Yeah....you all knew this was coming...I've done tones of computer related LOA's in the past...well it was a Saturday night and I kinda had it,m the damn thing was corrupting ubuntu AGAIN so I gave my laptop a round of....percussive maintenance...

And then it shut off without my consent.
So I tried to restart. OS was nommed, no problem, I grabbed my ubuntu disk and started the process of reloading the OS on the hard drive. it was slow, incredibly slow, ad each time it told me the OS Load failed for 2-3 different computer bullshit reasons....then after retry number 6 it told me the hard drive was faulty. I tried to reload twice more and that was the constant issue.

Two cracked open laptops a snootful of dust and annoyance later....I have 2 broken laptops (the first one has a busted screen, not my fault.) and no working computer.

My options are three-fold:
Get a new computer,
Get a new harddrive ($50 for a 250gb hd)and attempt to use the same shite computer and then save the harddrive for myself and destroy the deamon computer when I no longer need it...
Accept that these next two semester are going to suck extreme balls.

Wow, apologies for that essay but I figured at least some of you would be interested. Razz
Anyway if I'm not back by September.....I'll be updating this with a list of characters to be dropped. >_>
Nevaeh Valentine
Nevaeh Valentine

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It finally happened Empty Re: It finally happened

Post by Mod Kels on Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:15 pm

-sends rad tech vibes your way, crosses fingers-


Mod Kels
Mod Kels

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