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The Price of Beauty [Maggie/Danica/open]

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The Price of Beauty [Maggie/Danica/open] Empty The Price of Beauty [Maggie/Danica/open]

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:44 am

Sitting down on the floor, Aline took off her dance shoes and wiggled her toes. She thought that her first 'A Guide to Dance' class at the community center had gone well; no-one had passed out or had a coronary or anything. The dancers were dispersing now...they were everywhere from twelve to thirty, and with varying degrees of talent. That was Aline's special euphemism for 'they sucked'. But she had advertised the class as 'appropriate for all ages and skill levels', so she got what she deserved. Not everyone was possessed of grace, or even balance. Some people weren't even blessed with the ability to stand completely upright without falling over. She had even recognized a few kids from Hadley in her class, among them Maggie Luchak; that girl was a dance teacher's dream. She had been her star pupil at Hadley, and a bit of a kiss-ass too, but that didn't really bother Aline. She was a sucker for flattery.

Standing up, shoes in hand, Aline looked around the room. She saw Maggie standing across the room with another girl whom the teacher did not recognize, but assumed had come from Hadley too. There were other stragglers hanging around the area, taking their shoes off, adjusting their leg-warmers, talking. Why not go and talk to them? She was young enough to talk to teenagers still, wasn't she? For a moment, Aline was jealous of their youth, but then she reminded herself that she was a beautiful, successful, confident woman who was completly desirable. She put on her best smile and walked over to engage in conversation with the girls.

"Hi, girls," Aline said, smiling widely. "What's up? Did you like the class?" The teacher wasn't tall or imposing, but when she wanted to she could fill up a space with an almost oppressive bubbliness and choke anyone nearby with it. She was exuding her special kind of forceful Aline-cheer as she waited for the response. She usually only needed to use her charm-of-steel when dealing with very old people, her parents, or men who were hesitant about sleeping with her, but this was a special occasion. She wanted to convince these girls that she was the epitomy of satisfied adulthood, that they should aspire to be her. It was an almost unconscious desire, and certainly a vain one, but that was Aline.


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The Price of Beauty [Maggie/Danica/open] Empty Re: The Price of Beauty [Maggie/Danica/open]

Post by Maggie Luchak on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:29 pm

Maggie was fine, really she was. She was finally feeling good about herself again, better then she had in the past year-and without anyone's help. Because certainly there had been people who made her feel good in the past. These days however she felt good all on her own. She was back to being the beautiful, confidence dancer she was born to be. A vision of perfection. Lithe and graceful. She was more than fine. But Dani just couldn't see the truth could she? That invasive, pushy girl that she is. Because despite all of Maggie's insistence–form the community centre, to the hospital, to the dorms, and everyday since then–Danica refused to listen to the truth. Even when the doctor said it. Admittedly he was simply talking about the bump on her head and not the reasoning behind her fall, but still.

So that morning, Maggie did her best to avoid her. Waking up early, changing into her leotards and slipping a little light skirt and a thin cardigan over top. She left the rehab centre's grounds looking ever bit the lovely dancer. Hurrying out the the community centre were it had all happened. Finally free she was smiling. Until she opened the doors. There stood Dani, as defiant and nosy as ever. It had been a whole week since the day of the fall and all Maggie had thought about was running off the her dance class. But like the first moment of horror in a nightmare Dani stood there full of demanding and questions. Questions Maggie didn't care to answer and those with good social graces wouldn't ask to begin with. Maggie's answer was simple, she was fine and she was headed to dance class. And Dani was welcome to join her if she'd like. Maggie had thought smugly that the invite would be enough to scare the girl off.

Apparently she was sorely mistaken. Because there Dani was all class. Trying to dance. Or at the very least flailing in the direction everyone else was moving. Still maybe it would be good for her. Maybe what she needed was a bit of grace. Maggie certainly didn't think it could hurt her. The class ended far before Maggie wished it to. Hopefully Dani would be fed up enough now to leave her alone, and Maggie could slip into a side studio and keep working. Still going through motions, Maggie was about to pause long enough to ask Danica how she was feeling, but the instructor that had followed the troubled kids since Hadley walked over.

"It was wonderful Miss Rushing. As usual, thank you so much." In honestly it was a touch dull. Though Maggie would never be so rude. It wasn't for the woman's lack of effort after all. Maggie was simply used to high level classes. Private instruction with professionals. This community centre chaos would simply never be on par with what she was used to in Hollywood. She smiled her best smile and turned to the other girl. "What did you think Dani?" then back to the teacher with a knowing nod. "It was her first time dancing with us. I invited her." More like a dare, really.
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