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KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

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KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:06 pm

Miss Broken Beauty Queen
Maggie Luchak

16 . Healing Kleptomaniac . Bulimic . Schizotypal Personality Disorder
. She's going off the deep end in her fight for perfection .
Alone and Broken-Hearted . Dani's charity case . Dancing to Exhaustion
In Need Of: Friends, Foes, Loves, ANYTHING. Pitch me and idea :]

Miss Rule 34
Nevalee "Nell" Hedon

17 . Junior . Voyeur/Exhibitionist . Techie . Groupie . Foster Kid .
. She's trying to behave for a long distance love .
Madeline's BFF/Bad Influence . Hadley's Sunshine . Pining for Eri
In Need Of: Friends, Foes, ALMOST ANYTHING. Pitch me and idea once again :]

Mr Congeniality yeah right...
Duncan King

16 . Senior . Violence and hate personified . Single?
. Everyone's favorite Bigoted Punching Machine .
Thinking about Daughter Bjorgen . Human Steamroller . Security's Exercise Regime
In Need Of: Hell if I know

Miss Lady Hulk Security
Tracy Ames

Owner of Indiana Jones the Corgi

30 . Head of Facility Security . Healing, Again . Bronx . Irish/Scottish
. Currently trying to her new authority .
Dating Laura Moreno, Again . Former Druggie . Two-Time Rape Survivor
In Need Of: Friends, Kids to help, maybe Foes?

Miss Mata Hari Home Again
Dr Charlene Charlie Rhodes

32 . Physician . Corporate Spy Home Again . Big-Blue-Eyed Sneak
. was spying for GR Biotech, now just waiting for word .
Dr. Gregory Hildebrand's Minion . Small-town girl with too much ambition
In Need Of: People who know the real her. A Hildebrand? Maybe a love interest.
Oh, and she'd love a promotion. Razz <3

Mr Nice Guy
Dr. Bamidele Wynn

48 . Adolescent Psychiatrist . History Buff . Single
. Just trying to do his job and get results .
Waiting on his roster . A little sore from his time at Hadley
In Need Of: Patients. Friends.

Miss Little Woman Big Voice
Axenia Stravinsky

26 . Music Teacher . Just a poor girl from Kyiv . Divorced and Dating
. Hadley's charming "mail-order bride"/ex-trophy wife .
Moonshine in her closet . Five foot two high heel addict . Loves a silver fox
In Need Of: Singers, Students, Friends, Maybe an enemy?

Miss St Christina's 'Psychic"
Kennedia Okpik

15 . Grandiose Delusion (Psychic) . OCD . Paranoid Personality Disorder
. Divines EVERYTHING . always hunting for danger . cautious .
Kitty's room-mate/bestie/lover . Resident Oracle . Orphaned and Pissed About it
In Need Of: Again, open to damn near anything. Just be aware many of Kennedia's reactions and feelings towards people are determined by the swing of a pendulum. Unless and specific reaction is needed for a plot I like to leave it to chance...

Miss Cruel to be Kind
Tara Anne Quick

16 . FLDS escapee . Trichotillomania (bald) . Sadist . Mother to 10 month old Vivien .
. Fucked right up in every way, don't even get her started .
Bitter . Playing with Levi . Bonding with Ellen and Nate . Ex-child bride
In Need Of: I'd love to rope someone into playing her half-brother David and NPCing Vivien. Other than that? THERAPY! for the love of god....

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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:51 am

Kels! I have nothing better to do and I love all of your babies, so I'll just post here. Ha ha haaa.

Here we go.

Maggie: To be honest, I think that Lex would sort of take pity on her and be really careful with her. She'd try to be that staff member that isn't so scary and isn't too terrible, the one that you can go to if you're feeling like throwing up or you're feeling too imperfect or anything else she might have issues with. I don't know, this is sort of lame.

Nell: NELL <3 Lex would freaking adore Nell. Who doesn't? Nothing else to be said here.

Duncan: Ohh, this feels dramatic. She doesn't like him. He reminds her of the jerk from her past three years ago that got her pregnant. That was an awful relationship and she'd just like glare at him from across the room with narrowed eyes and her lips set in a tight line. HATE HATE HATE.

That's all ~


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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:47 pm

Okay... here we go (hopefully my thoughts come out clear and nothing gets left out). So far only got some ideas for Marie...

Nell: Believe it or not, I think Marie would actually enjoy her. I think the stories Nell has from her... "adventures" would amuse Marie, and considering the fact that Marie rarely speaks, Nell would be able to talk as much as she'd like.

Duncan: She would pee her pants around him. I'm not kidding. lol He seems like the type of guy she would be scared of. This is not to say that a thread between the two wouldn't be interesting. xD

Tracy: Marie seems to take to older people better than those her same age. I think if she ever met Tracy and found out she was a rape victim, Marie would connect with her and possibly look up to her in some aspects. Only hard part is, the two of them meeting (though Marie's able to roam around the island).

Dr. Wynn: Again, she seems to take to older people more than those her age. I could see the two really hitting it off by talking about History (one of Marie's favorite subjects) if they were to meet. Not sure if they would ever bump into each other or not. Questionable...

Kennedia: Marie doesn't believe in the psychic stuff which would make an interaction between these two entertaining. She would probably think Kennedia's lost it and give her funny looks.

And... that's what I've got at the moment... If I think of anything else, I shall poke you. (:


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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:23 pm

Maggie/Lex - Pity and softness I like. With her 'true love' and her psych both gone Maggie is especially pitiful these days. However she's not about to tell anyone about her bulimia and such. She swears up and down that she isn't. Maggie's schizotypal means that she doesn't see any other option. To her she has to be the perfect pretty dancer, it's not a goal it's a destiny craved in stone. So whatever she does to get there is her business and not up to debate. Just so you know.

Nell/Lex - n.n Nellie adores her toooooooo <3

Duncan/Lex - Not a big deal. Most people hate Duncan. He's used to it. Also he has some choice words to describe Lex's heritage that I won't be typing here. Razz

Nell/Marie - she always loves new friends. They'll have to meet at some point. perhaps to smooth the way Marie could make friends with one of Nellie's quieter buddies and then Nell could join them. A lunch table date perhaps?

Duncan/Marie - He loves it when he scares people. Thrives in that shit. Seriously. -insert knuckle cracking here-

Tracy/Marie - OH MY GOD yes! I have been dying, DYING, for Tracy to reach out to young rape victim. Honestly, It's why I made her and it never happened... This thread absolutely must happen, even if nothing else does. Truth.

BamDR/Marie - get it? BamDR... like RunDMC or something. Both Bam and I are faaaaaaar to white to pull that off. heh. But seriously Bam is an adolescent psychiatrist so there's a good chance he and Marie will meet at some point. Either via Group therapies or the chance she'll end up on his patient roster.

Kennedia/Marie - this is probably run of the mill for Kennedia. She gets a lot of looks. If she catches Marie... well she'll probably just decide that she has a bad aura and is untrustworthy.

This plot page is now entirely up to date and good to go! Go nuts. Very Happy


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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Michael Courtenay on Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:52 pm

Well, there, Kels m'dear... you've got quite a list. XD

Maggie- Michael could really get along with anyone who isn't trying to physically assault him, and I don't think there'd be a problem on his end with a potential friendship with Maggie. He's really patient and empathetic, so he could see past her obvious social issues. I guess he'd be a friend to her... it seems she is in the need of one or two.

Nell- If he ever met Nell he'd love her personality and would find her hilarious. I could see them being friends.

Duncan- I could see Michael, hands down, being Duncan's go-to punching bag. He's in the need of a bully. Desperately.

Dr. Wynn- Generally, they wouldn't meet unless Michael is a patient of his. But, you never know.

Kennedia- Despite Michael being a good little Christian, he would find Kennedia's psychic-ness to be interesting at the very least. And due to his naivety, he'd believe anything she told him.

He wouldn't meet Tracy, Charlie and Axenia because he is a Ward A patient. He might meet Charlie if he gets injured, though.

Michael Courtenay
Michael Courtenay

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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:59 am

Hmmm. I've been stalking sort of

Maggie- That would be cool, I guess. Haha. No, she could definitely do the whole pity and softness thing. And if she caught Maggie being all bulemic and stuff... well, I think she'd try and confront her about it. She's a good friend. They could totally have a whole "YOU NEED HELP" "WHAT I DO IS MY BUSINESS, I NEED PERFECTION" fight thing.

Nell- :D

Duncan- she'd kill him if he made fun of her for being part mexican. Partly because her dad was the Mexican part of her and he got shot down by drug runners. And if he hurt Michael, who she adores and protects, she would revive him to kill him over again. <3

other than that I can see her being friends with Axenia.


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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:10 pm

Okay, ignoring the obvious (Nell/Mariah, Talon/Tara Anne, Mariah/Bam), I have a few ideas:

Christiana and Tracy. These two need to get together and be buddies. Especially since a) they're both dog owners, b) they're both security, and c) their PBs were both ADAs on L&O: SVU. (Can I get any more abbreviations in there?) Anyway, I think they'd get along well.

Charlie and Yong-Ji. I don't know why, but I have a feeling they would get along well. Maybe partly because Yong-Ji works for the Council? I don't know, but he's begging to get to know her.

Talon and Axenia. I know she's not teaching at St. Christina's and Talon can't go to Dalton, but I kind of want to thread the two of them at some point. Talon's got a really good voice and he misses singing.

Christiana and Kennedia. Christiana has such lovely memories of Kennedia. I'm not sure how Kenny would feel about her, considering she never got to swing her pendulum at Christiana because Niamh had stolen it, but...it might be fun to see what happens with the two of them.

Mariah and Kennedia. Whether Kennedia likes her or doesn't, I think they should interact. Either Kennedia won't like her, which will confuse the hell out of Mariah, or she will, in which case Mariah would get confused and possibly dragged into Kennedia's psychic stuff.


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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Mod Kels on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:55 pm

AUGH! Too popular! Y'all be givin' me brain hurt. Here goes....

Maggie/Michael - friendzies! yay. good. I like it. -pets-

Nell/Michael - more love! I dig it.

Duncan/Michael - this depends... what about this kid would offend Duncan's delicate sensibilities? Is he gay? If not, honestly Duncan wouldn't be inclined to hit him unless he got in his face. Which I doubt... I'm thinking Duncan would be more inclined to taking him under his wing to and extent, bossing him around and such. Dunc is a big brother after all.

Dr. Wynn/Michael - we shall see.

Kennedia/Michael - YES! gullibility is awesome. Want Kennedia to tell him he's in great danger or something? Because she'd be happy too.

P.S. You have the same name as one of my besties. I like that. :3

Maggie/Lex - I'm not sure I want her caught by an authority just yet. Lemme think on this.

Duncan/Lex - so much for professionalism huh? Razz

Tracy/Christiana - we keep talking about this and it never happens. wwwwwhhhhyyyyy? I might have some changes for Tracy coming up. I'll keep ya posted.

Charlie/Yong-Ji - begging is he? Interesting. We might have to make this happen. Give that man some mercy. ha ha

Axenia/Talon - we can assume they met at Hadley and she can do vocal lessons with him evenings or weekends? He's ward C right?

Christiana/Kennedia - Kenny is probably full of hate and fear for Christiana. The woman hypo'd her. I can't think of anything else in the world Kenny fears more than that. Unidentified drugs that she couldn't divine before hand is like.... a serial killer to her. Awful. So Christiana is evil and uncaring by proxy.

Mariah/Kennedia - yay for Kennedia's little spooky harlem! love it.

Last edited by Mod Kels on Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:06 pm; edited 1 time in total


Mod Kels
Mod Kels

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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Michael Courtenay on Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:07 am

Duncan- OH! Even better! Michael loves those he can look up to as big brothers or sisters. They make his day- I'm really excited for this, actually! XD

Kennedia- HAHA! Yes. Perfect.

Everyone else's situation I agree with completely! Ooh where should we start?

And I'm glad I share the same name as your biffle- not too many people have my name. XD
Michael Courtenay
Michael Courtenay

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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:06 pm

All righties let's see *cracks fingers* ow...

You know I currently just have Emma Smile I feel like most of this reply will be "I'm not sure how it'll work out, but let's have at it!"

MAGGIE: I feel like it'd be funny to see where this went if she's as peculiar as she sounds, because Emma would constantly be like O_O and be thrown through tons of hoops! Healthy relationship or not, sounds interesting?

NELL: Not sure, don't know much about her, but Em's up for whatever. Sounds like Nell could pick at her a lot for being all passive, which would be interesting Smile

DUNCAN: I think Emma would be like a little rabbit at just the sight of him O_O So if you want to run with that, we can see how bad Emma will be freaked by him? XD Though Duncan might just kill her from a heart attack haha.

TRACY: Emma's totally under "kids to help," and it sounds amusing if Trace is as abrasive as I'm (possibly wrongly) assuming. Sounds like it'd be a help/fear/help/fear thing. (If that makes sense)

AXENIA: Wooah cool name. Emma could be a student, but you know her... she'll be constantly "Oh no I can't sing that, I can't sing anything, I'm a horrible singer and *mopemopemope*"

KENNEDIA: THEY COULD BE PARANOID TOGETHER! <3 And her mood swings could be amusing, because Emma would be constantly confused and not knowing how to react. I think she'd be fascinated about her "psychicness" too. And whether or not she'd believe she's actually an oracle, Emma would probably always act like she believed her anyway for fear of Kenne hating her.

Okay yes? Yes. We can talk more Very Happy


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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Mod Kels on Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:05 pm

Natasha: if you want to start one of these threads go right ahead! I'll hop right in. Just one though, don't wanna over load. It's up to you which one.

Flick: Well well, okay. here goes....

Maggie/Emma - definitely sounds like it could be fun. Maggie is indeed as particular as she sounds. (She and Kenny are clearly my kids who rank highest on the crazy meter) Somehow I am picturing Maggie wanting to coach Emma a little bit, like trying to teach her how to be perfect. I think in Maggie's mind this would equate to worrying less maybe? Plus she's lonely as hell, so an easy sell. She does have an open thread right now but it's one in which she's going to pass out from a bad combination of free weekends, dancing and not eating. This might plot block her a bit but if you really want to play them we can tweak the timeline a little and say our thread happens before, since the passing out thread hasn't been pounced on yet.

Emma/Nell - ehhh, not quite. Nell is very easy-going and most of her friends are quiet types (or at least quieter than her)... She's not really a picker.

Duncan/Emma - the usual reaction, duly noted Razz Very Happy

Tracy/Emma - Although she doesn't try to be abrasive she's kind of scary looking and she is now boss security so yeah, alright. I could see that happening.

Axenia/Emma - not positive, but I would think Music would be an optional subject at the school so if Emma didn't want to take it she'd be free and clear. Still, something to think about.

Kennedia/Emma - This could definately work. More and more it's sounding like Kenny is going to end up with a little pack of followers eating up her paranoid rantings with big ol' wooden spoons... In fact I am slowly growing tempted to have Kenny have some kind of large public outburst about the island being unsafe... maybe it's sinking! Oh god...
Does anyone else want in on this? Do it as a big group thread?

Also, another thought - Natasha if you want someone to pick at Emma's passivity then I think Tara Anne is actually your girl. I know she's kind of scary but she'd got a deep down in the belly anger towards men who step on ladies and ladies who are sweet/pushovers. She'd be happy to shove Emma towards something a little stronger if you ever need.


Mod Kels
Mod Kels

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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:47 pm

Maggie: This sounds good, but yes the only question is timeline? If we can tweak that this might be a good place to start and feel some things out!

Nell: My bad ^^; That could work too, for just a general friendship if we want to jump into that sometime? Emma would be more comfortable with a quieter crowd (thought possibly more drawn to a wilder person at times, depending on how much she's willing to test her comfort zones that day)

Poor Duncan, haha.

Tracy: So yeah, that one sounds interesting.

Axenia: Hmm I'm thinking this one should go on the back burner. We'll see if I can get Emma up to doing music class.

Kennedia: You already know I'm up for that Very Happy

Tara Anne: Definitely! I'm not sure she's ready for that now, but I think we should plan for this sometime!


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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Talon Rogers on Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:22 pm

Okay, especially after the chat thread that got busted, I think we need to do something with Talon and Nell. I don't know how we could get them to meet or how it would turn out that they figured out they were chatting together before their week-long bans, but it seems like it would be fun...
Talon Rogers
Talon Rogers

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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Mod Kels on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:32 pm

[size=large] SO HEY THERE![/size]

I've decided to wipe my threads slate clean to shake all my muses awake. Because boo for monotony. As of right now I have four threads that will be continuing.

Kennedia and Kitty about to announce that the island is sinking, so stay tuned for that! Everyone and Anyone are invited. :]
Maggie/Dani/Aline Wallflower Academy - because it just started.
Axenia/Glenn - because it hasn't even really started yet and Ghost is back
Maggie/Emma - because it's finally going.

So yes. If you had a thread with me that's not one of those that you're dying to keep alive lemme know and I'll give it a shot. If not feel free to pitch a thread to me. I need to restock obviously. Very Happy


Mod Kels
Mod Kels

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Re: KelseyLynn's League of Extraordinary Lovelies

Post by Sponsored content

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