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Kiya Kendalson

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Kiya Kendalson Empty Kiya Kendalson

Post by Guest on Thu May 26, 2011 4:18 pm

Kiya Kendalson Stchristinaslogobase
-Patient Admission Form-

Please use blue or black ink when filling out this admission form. Additional information from all but the patient must be initialled by the author. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. For further information or guidance, please contact a member of St. Christina staff at the number provided
in our guide brochure.


Kiya Kendalson 2qjcc93

Patient Full Name: KENDALSON, KIYA

Age: 17
DOB: 07/08/1993
Gender: Female
Address: 2723 Cruickshank Rd
City: Phoenicia
State: New York
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Height: 4 foot 8 inches tall
Weight: Around 90 pounds I guess. I don’t really know.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown with golden blonde highlights
Distinguishing Marks: I also have loads of scars across my back, chest and stomach and a few on my legs and upper arms. You can thank my dad for all of those, but lucky for me there's none on my face.


Medical History:

Please list any and all allergies and age of onset below:
I found out I was very allergic to bees about oh five months ago. It was bad. I had to get a shot of some type of medicine because my arm where I got stung was all red and I could hardly breathe.

And I’m allergic to latex. I found out the first time I went to the hospital when I was four. They had gloves on of course. Have to keep sanitary now don't they? I broke out like nobody's business! Skin got all red and itchy, and I couldn't breathe too well then either. They quickly put two and two together and came to the conclusion it was the latex. I had to stay for an extra two days. That was no fun.

Are you aware of any ongoing medical issues?:

If yes, list age of diagnoses by medical professionals, or age of onset below:

If you are receiving treatment for an ongoing medical complaint, please list prescriptions, strength of dose, frequency of dose, and other treatment plans below:
I have an epi pen now since the discovery of my bad bee allergy. I can’t remember the dose of it. But I only take it if I get stung by a bee again. ((the pen dose is 0.3mg)

Do you smoke tobacco, consume alcohol, or use street drugs? If yes, please list number of packs per day, number of drinks per day and/or names of consumed drugs below:
I used to use cocaine a lot, but I haven’t done any of that mess since going to Hadley and I don’t plan on using any after I leave either. It was a pretty stupid decision on my part…I’m not afraid to admit that.


Psychiatric History:

Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric issues? If so, please list diagnoses and age of diagnoses below:
I used to be addicted to cocaine. That and well there are some times when I get real depressed thinking about my old life and how everything got screwed around. I miss Spain, the surroundings, my friends, everything! I wanted to go back so bad that I’d do anything to either go back or to escape that fact that I wasn’t there.

If you answered yes to the above, please list any and all prescriptions, including dosage and frequency of dosage, and other treatment plans below:
Never been on any meds for it before Hadley. Since then I’ve been on this mystery medicine. Don’t know the name, the dosage or anything about it. All I did know is that I took it once a day. Nothing more.

If you answered yes to the above, please describe noted feelings, symptoms, triggers and incidents associated with the diagnoses, and ages of incidents below:
I guess you could say moving didn’t help my situation much. It was really sudden and I was thrown into a strange country with people I didn’t know and thing I never heard of. It was a huge contention in my family. Anytime I got real pissed off or depressed over it, I did coke to get away from it all. That was how I escaped.

Have you ever been hospitalised for these diagnoses? If yes, please provide facility name(s) and age of admissions and discharges:
State of Florida Drug Rehab – May to October of 2008

Are you aware of a history of psychiatric complaints in your family? If yes, please list family member(s), diagnoses, and how this affected you personally:
My dad supposedly has bipolar disorder. But I’ve never been inclined to believe it. He’s heavy into the whole alcohol thing…so I couldn’t tell if it was real or just alcohol induced rage.


Environmental History:

Are you aware of any complications during your birth? If yes, please explain below:
I was a breech birth and I got stuck in the birth canal during labor. Still kinda personal if you ask me but ehh whatever,

Are you aware of any difficulties in development during your infancy, such as learning disabilities, speech impediments, etc? If yes, please explain below:
Nope. Did what I was supposed when I was supposed to do it.

Are you aware of any long term separation from your mother during your infancy? If yes, please explain below:

Please describe the location and environment in which you grew up. Please list town and state, and what it was like and how this affected you:
Well I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I lived there until I was eleven. It was a beautiful place to live. The lands, the buildings—it was nice. Our family was well known in our neighborhood. It was an everyone knows everyone type of place. But moving to Florida when I was eleven was definitely a culture shock. So much was different. The environment, the people, the different ways things were done. It was definitely overwhelming. I didn’t take too well to it at first obviously.

Please describe your educational history. How were you in school, both as a young child and in later grades? How were your grades? Did you enjoy school? Please answer below:
I was never the perfect student. It was a B average kid back home in Spain. But when I moved, I stopped caring. About everything. Before Hadley, I just did what I had to do to pass the classes and nothing more.

Do/did you have many friends growing up? Do/did you have a best friend? If yes, please explain below:
I have two real close friends from Spain: Jenna and Chelsea. Me, Jenna, and Chelsea were like peas in a pod. You’d never see one of us without the other two. We were like sisters. God I miss them so much! They helped me through a lot as I did for them. We always helped each others families and celebrated things as if we were part of their family. We went everywhere together. The beach, the historical district, the mall. I miss them a lot. Its been a while since I’ve got a hold of them…but I think we’re still close.

Do/did you pursue any extra curricular activities or talents? If yes, please explain below:
My main niche was in the small music club our old school had. I was a big part of that. Music is very important to me, my family and my culture. I still play the acoustic guitar. I still have the one my mom gave me before we moved. Its something I cherish.

If sexually active, please list age of onset and sexual preference below. If not sexually active, are you aware of a sexual preference?:
I am. I’m always looking at the cute guys. Course I’ve never had a boyfriend. It started when I was 12 I suppose…but I don’t look at girls like that. Its just not my cup of tea.


Legal History:

Do/did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to prescription medications, street drugs or alcohol? If yes, please explain below:
Drunk no. After getting enough drunken beat downs from my dad, it was enough to turn me off. Drugs are a whole nother matter. I got addicted to coke when I was thirteen. I was just wandering around the streets wanting a way out of my miserable life. No I wasn’t planning on killing myself. I'm not like that...I just needed to escape the house. This guy (I'm not naming names; sides the idiot is in jail anyways for getting caught with it) was dealing cocaine. I was curious…intrigued even. I wanted to see what this was all about. And so he showed me the ropes, how to use it and all. The first time I was high was weird…but then I was hooked. It was a way out of the guilt I felt for leaving my friends in Spain. I ended up stealing a lot of money from my parents to feed the habit. (Which they found out about too; that didn't end well needless to say).

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction, age of conviction and circumstances below:
I was caught twice with cocaine. First time I got community service. Second time I got sent to juvenile detention of whatever you call it for a year. Then there was the two times I got charged with misdemeanor assault. I still think the fools deserved it! Both of them! They were hitting on me like I was some kind of slut. Like a piece of meat instead of a human being. Turns out both guys were drunk which saved my ass. The lawyers were able to get the sentences changed by saying it was self defense. So I only got pegged with more community service, some anger management classes and more time juvenile hall but I could have been worse.

If you answered yes to the above, please list sentences connected to these convictions below:
Possession of Cocaine—Charged—Community Service 200 hours
Possession of Cocaine (2nd Charge)—Charged—1 year in juvenile hall

Misdemeanor Assault--Charged--Community Service 200 hours
Misdemeanor Assault (2nd Charge)--Charged--Court mandated anger management classes and 6 months in juvenile hall

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime for which you were not convicted or sentenced? If yes, please explain below:


Personal Interview:

Describe yourself to the best of your ability in only five words:
Small, Spanish firecracker, doesn’t back down OK so its six words. Do you know how hard that is?

Is the glass half empty, or half full? Explain your answer below:
It can be both for me at times actually. There are times when it’s half full. Things are going great, I’m happy and life is good. Then it can be half empty. Like when I’m sad or depressed over things and life just seems kind of crappy. But lately the glass has been more half full then half empty.

If you could change only one thing in your life, what would it be, and why?:
I wouldn’t have started doing cocaine. It sound cliché I know, but it was a stupid decision. It ruined my relationship with my family. It was a decision that got me stuck here in this place for God only knows how long. Its something I regret doing very much so.

How do you feel about your life and the things you have done in it, looking back? If you have committed crimes, how do you feel about those now?:
I use to think that it brought spice into my life. Now I realized that I was just being an idiot. I regret it. I wouldn’t do again if you paid me. But then again, I try not to think about it too much. It gets depressing after a while.

What are your goals in life, and how do you feel those would be best accomplished?:
I’d love to do something with animals. What exactly I haven’t decided yet. I wasn’t into animals as much until I got to Hadley. There was this great teacher at Hadley. Mr. Abney was his name. He taught Zoology. He was such a sweet teacher too. He really got me interested in the animals. I was thinking maybe he could still help me. Or something like that. Yeah I haven’t thought it out as much as I probably should have by now.

Lastly, why have you chosen admission at St. Christina Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, and how do you think this will help you toward your life goals?:
I didn’t choose it. I didn’t then I didn’t now. Only reason I’m here is because the other place is shutting down for some odd reason. And here I was hoping I was gonna be free. Guess not.


Patient/Guardian Signature:

    By agreeing to admission to our facilities, you hereby agree to abide by all rules and terms of service outlined in patient or resident handbooks, rules and codes of conduct. You hereby agree to waive your right to voluntary dismissal from our facilities until such a time as facility administrators sign paperwork for your release. You hereby agree to comply with facility staff recommendations, demands, or outlines for treatment. You hereby waive your right to informed medical consent before medication changes or medical procedures. You hereby agree to waive your right to hold GR Biotech and its Subsidiaries responsible for any personal harm or distress incurred during treatment. GR Biotech and its Subsidiaries reserve the right to add or amend these terms of service at any time.

Please sign and date below:

    Kiya Kendalson 05/26/2011

St. Christina Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center & St. Christina Medical Center are Subsidiaries of GR Biotech. All rights reserved ® 2011


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Kiya Kendalson Empty Re: Kiya Kendalson

Post by Admin Space on Fri May 27, 2011 11:46 am

Kiya Kendalson Stchristinaslogobase
-Patient Admission Approved-

Welcome to St. Christina's Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center. Your ward and room assignments can be found below, along with the name of your primary therapist. Please familiarise yourself with all patient handbooks and codes of conduct.

Building: Bennett
Wing: N/A
Ward: C
Room: 2
Bed: 2
Primary Therapist: Dr. __________

OOC Information: All information below this line is not known by the patient, but is available on the patient's file, viewable only by staff.

Study Group(s):

      Primary:Drug Abuse


Final Application Approval Steps for Players:

Your assigned membergroup is: Adolescent Patient

Before you can begin play on STC, you must complete these final steps:

  • Sign up your playby on the faceclaim.
  • Sign up for the who plays who list.
  • Sign up for your assigned membergroup (shown above) HERE (Pay close attention to pick the correct usergroup listed on this approval stamp! Characters that are not signed up for their correct membergroups after approval will be subject to deletion during the next activity check.)
  • Familiarise Yourself with you Patient Hanbook, located in St. Christina's Rosters and Information forum, on the main board.

-For St. Christina's Staff Use Only-

[center][font=garamond][size=22][color=#555555][b] -File Note- [/b][/color][/size][/font]


    [b]Patient Name:[/b] KENDALSON, KIYA
    [b]Primary Study Group:[/b] Drug Abuse
    [b]Primary Therapist:[/b] Dr. ___________
    [b]Building:[/b] Bennett
    [b]Wing:[/b] N/A
    [b]Ward:[/b] C


    [b]Note Subject:[/b] (Therapy Report, Medication Change, Dormitory Reassignment, Medical Report, Behavioural Report, Progress Report, Procedure Report, Disciplinary Report, etc.)

    [b]Note Contents:[/b] (Explain behaviour observations, patient actions, procedures, medication changes, disciplinary actions, medical reports, etc. here)

    [b]Note Author:[/b] (Your character name here.)

    [b]Other:[/b] (Optional extra notes here.)



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Kiya Kendalson Empty Re: Kiya Kendalson

Post by Tracy Ames on Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:06 am

-File Note-


Primary Study Group: Drug Abuse
Primary Therapist: Dr. Annette Fowler
Building: Bennett
Wing: N/A
Ward: C


Note Subject: Dormitory Reassignment

Note Contents: As the patient has turned 18, she has been transfered to the adult female dorms. She has been reassigned to the Main Building, Female Ward C, Room C1, Bed 3.

Note Author: Tracy Ames, Head of Facility Security.
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Kiya Kendalson Empty Re: Kiya Kendalson

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